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December 28th

No show for us tomorrow polly's poorly so can't drag her out.
We will get back in the ring eventually

December 22nd

The weather is certainly stopping all normal dog activity. Shows are being cancelled and its difficult to get out. Hopefully our next show will be 29th December so fingers crossed.

December 12th

At last we have been to a show. We missed 2 because Polly came into season but having spent all day saturday bathing and trimming we were ready. Even if I say so myself Polly scrubbed up really well. We went to LKA under breed specialist Jenny Miller. As it was our first show since the beginning of May I wasn't expecting much. It was more an exercise to get me back on the road again after writing off my car and seeing if Polly had forgotten all her ring training. I'm pleased to report that the drive was great and Polly behaved well. Now just have to get the rest of her 'puppy' fat off and next year here we come.