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28th Dec

Puppies left us today for their new homes. It was sad to see them go but they have lovely homes to go to so they should all be very happy. the last 2 go next week end and the house will seem very quiet without them.

22nd Dec

The first puppy left for his new home today and we miss him already. He has a lovely home and I know he will be spoilt and loved.
They are now 7 weeks old and becoming very active and developing their own personalities.

18th Dec

All is going really well with the pups. they are now 6 weeks old and becoming real personalities. they are growing fast and seem to take everything in their stride. We managed to get the out onto the garden today and they had a wonderful time exploring and getting dirty.

2nd Dec

The pups are now 4 weeks old and although being 6 days early was noticable in the beginning they are now catching up nicely. We moved them into the living room today so they can get used to all sorts of different sounds and so far so good. They've had quite a few visitors and Hattie is great once she's had her fuss and realises she's only the support act she disappears to do her own thing.

21st Nov
The pups are now up on their feet with their eyes and ears now open. today I shall start giving them a little minced beef as Hattie is getting a bit fed up with the feeding lark and they are quite demanding.

15th Nov
The pups are 12 days old now and are doing well. they are just trying to get up on their feet as they move round the whelping box. I have added somemore photos to the puppy photo gallery today

3rd Nov

Well after a long night Hattie has had her puppies. They are 6 days early but are all well and quite a good weight for being so early. She had the first one at 7.45pm and finally finished at 3.15am this morning. the final tally was 3 girls and 4 boys. She took it all in her stride and so far is being a fantastic mum

16th Oct

Now know Hattie is expecting 7 puppies so can now start sorting things out. I am beginning to get excited now.

3rd Oct

Had Hattie scanned by my vet today and he confirms she is in whelp and thinks she has 'lots'. The pups are due on the 8th November.